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Living in style and comfort is something we all aspire to. But what’s considered stylish and comfortable to some may not appeal to others. We all have our own personal preferences and ideas about how our living spaces should look and feel. So how would you define your style? If like many you’re not sure, take our Style Quiz and find out. For each statement, select the response that best matches your preference. If you can’t decide between 2, select both. Most importantly, have fun with it!

Your preferred furniture look is
Clean, uncluttered lines
Fairly square with a slight curve, style that will stand the test of time
Modern with a combination of unusual shapes
Soft full arms and lots of cushions
Antique or reproduction shapes
Colour is a powerful tool > when choosing colours for your home do you prefer
Understated, subdued colours
Bright colours
Earthy colours
A blank canvas starting with white> introduce splashes of colour
Your preferred bedroom look would be
An unusually shaped bed head/flamboyant fabrics and contrasts
Essentials only, quite plain and simple lamps
Pillows, quilt and timber or fabric bed/or bed head
A heavily detailed bed, luxurious fabrics and decorative lamps
Fresh soft colours > simple timber texture> relaxed feeling
When choosing artwork/accessories for your wall would you
Simple plain framed artwork
A collection of small framed prints, plates etc
Large canvases with bright colours
Botanic Prints in a gold gilded frame
Timber Framed pictures or photos
When choosing a lounge, you would choose
Soft lounge to sink into with a piped seat & back cushions
Sectional reconfigurable modular lounge to lie on either fabric or leather
Square, long-line lounge to sit in
Classic upholstered more formal lounge either plain or patterned fabric
Combination of a different lounge and armchairs
When you dine with friends do you
Dine at the latest restaurant with the latest modern food
Dine in your favourite restaurant
Take the casual option, cooking at home & entertaining either inside or outside
Stay at home and cook for a formal dinner party
Restaurant or home hop for each course of the meal
When choosing cushions you prefer
A mix of different sizes and patterns
Classic fabrics complete with braid or fringe to match your lounge
Square, plain with self piping
Small hand-painted or single monogrammed cushions
One single cushion, more is too cluttered
Types of timber you prefer
A dark stain
A mixture of timbers, not necessary matching and often sourced in exotic locations
A light timber with just a clear finish or a soft painted finish
Don't like timber, at all
A medium colour, either brown or rich colour
When choosing Window Treatments you prefer
Timber Venetians or Plantation Shutters
Cotton or Upholstered Roman Blinds
Swags, Tails and curtains with tassels & tiebacks
Roller Blinds or the simpler the better
Nice simple curtains or sheers
Your favourite flowers are
Roses displayed in any style of vase or bowl
Birds of Paradise or strong single stems in a tall squarish glass vase
Freesias or gerberas in a milkshake container
Geraniums in a ceramic pot
Single stem/maybe oriental in a vase or an orchid in a pot